Cuddle Paws Blankie & Pacifier Clip Combo


  • The Cuddle Paws Blankie & Pacifier Clip Combo is a delightful set featuring a light pink kitten pacifier clip and a hand-knitted blankie in soothing shades of pink and cream. Designed for comfort and convenience, the pacifier clip ensures easy grasping, while the blanket helps parents keep track of the pacifier. Crafted with love from 100% Polyester and 100% Acrylic yarn, this combo is a cherished memory in the making.
  • Charming light pink kitten pacifier clip.
  • Hand-knitted blankie with moss stitch pattern in light pink, dark pink, and cream.
  • Easy-to-grasp pacifier clip for baby’s comfort.
  • Practical aid for parents to prevent pacifier misplacement.
  • Playful character attached to the clip for added fun.
  • Blankie measures approximately 12×12 inches (30x30mm).
  • Made with 100% Polyester (stuffed toy) and 100% Acrylic yarn (blankie).
  • Meticulous hand-knitting ensures exceptional product quality.
  • Designed for easy handwashing.