Blue Puppy Comfort Pal Pacifier Clip and Blankie Set


  • The “Blue Puppy Comfort Pal Pacifier Clip and Blankie Set” offers adorable comfort for your baby. It includes a pacifier clip with a cute blue puppy character and a hand-knitted blankie in soothing blue and gray hues. Made of high-quality materials, the set provides warmth, security, and interactive fun. (Pacifier not included)
  • Adorable blue puppy pacifier clip.
  • Hand-knitted blue and gray blankie in a beautiful moss stitch.
  • Pacifier clip helps keep the pacifier within easy reach.
  • The blankie provides comfort and doubles as a pacifier locator.
  • Made of high-quality 100% Polyester and 100% Acrylic yarn.
  • The blankie measures approximately 12×12 inches.
  • Hand-knitted with attention to detail and product quality.
  • The attached animal can be removed for independent play.
  • Suitable for creating lasting memories and stories.
  • Pacifier not included.