Little Lullaby Ensemble for 5″ Baby Doll


  • Introducing the “Little Lullaby Ensemble” – a meticulously crafted set perfect for doll collectors and kids who love doll play. This enchanting ensemble includes a 5-inch baby doll, a charming bassinet, a plush Polly-fiberfill pillow, and cozy accessories made from the finest soft yarn. Crafted with love and precision, it’s a must-have for doll enthusiasts.
  • Adorable 5” baby doll included in the set
  • Bassinet made with a plastic canvas insert for durability
  • Pillow lightly stuffed with Polly-fiberfill for comfort
  • Blanket, gown, and hat made from fingering weight soft yarn for a cozy feel
  • Removable clothes for the doll and bedding for the bassinet for versatile play
  • Hand-crocheted stitches for exceptional quality and workmanship
  • Easy care instructions: Hand wash in lukewarm water with mild soap, avoiding machine washing and excessive soaking
  • Perfect gift for doll collectors and those who love to play with dolls, creating cherished memories and stories